We have produced 41 graduates since 2016, some of our notable alumni are:

  • Yongfu Wang (student at Northwestern University, US)
  • Piao Chen (student at University of Pennsylvania, US)
  • Zeqian Huang (student at Univesity of Maryland College Park, US)
  • Ruoyu Wang (student at University of Southern California, US)
  • Lineng Cao (student at University of Southern California, US)
  • Xiaoting Fu (student at North Carolina State University, US)
  • Min Li (student at Case Western Reserve University, US)
  • Yuhui You (student at University of Toronto, Canada)
  • Lijun Pan (student at University of Toronto, Canada)
  • Qinwu Wang (student at University College London, UK)
  • Zan Zheng (student at University of Edinburgh, UK)
  • Jiangyue Yan (student at University of Melbourne, Australia)
  • Yifan He (student at University of Tsukuba, Japan)


Many of our current students are active in doing research with some faculty or performing other services. The following are some of them.

Autism Research Group: Guanxing Chen (CS'18), Mingyue Tang (CS'18), Aonan Guan (CS'19), Jie Chen (CS'19), Xiaoyang Qiu (CS'20), Yiran Ye (CS'20), Hangzhi Guo (CS'20), Hang Xie (CS'20)

Biocomputing Group: Lu Lu (CS'18), Haowen Zheng (CS'18), Nuo Xu (CS'18), An Zhu (CS'18), Xinbin Jin (CS'18), Yinyin Jiang (CS'18), Qiufan Xu (CS'18), Qiming Sun (CS'19)

GIS Group: Jiahao Zhu (CS'18), Tianyi Gu (CS'18), Wenbo Xu (CS'18), Zhuang Qian (CS'19), and Bo Su (CS'19)

Computing Club: Yuefei Chen (CS'20)

Lab Assistants: Aonan Guan (CS'19), Fan Zhu (CS'19), Jie Chen (CS'19), and Xiaoyang Qiu (CS'20)

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