Program Catalog

CS Program Catalog (minor in CS)

Minor in CS: please refer to the catalog above. At WKU, students are required to earn a grade of C or better in CPS 1231, CPS 2231, CPS 2232, MATH 2110, and three other CPS courses (9 credits) level 3000 or above.

Programs Guide Sheet

B.S. Computer Science (PDF) (for students admitted in 2021 or after)

B.S. Computer Science (PDF) (for students admitted in 2020 or earlier)

Course Flow Diagram

Recommended Major Course Sequence for Computer Science (PDF)

CS 4-Year Course Plan (PDF)

Other Forms

Recommendation Letter Request Form (PDF) (Based on the form prepared by Dr. Jeonghwan Choi for Business students.)

For more information, see source address : Programs - School of Computer Science (Kean University)

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