Computer Science faculty

Tiffany Y. Tang

Director of Media Lab

Associate Professor

Educational Background: PhD, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Tiffany graduated from Univ. of Saskatchewan in 2008. Before she joined Wenzhou-Kean University, she had been teaching at Konkuk University and Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Her most recent research focuses on privacy and security in social media, affective computing, sensing and wearable technologies, human factors for smart recommendations (such factors include mood/emotions/ethics/privacy/security etc), educational social software (including those developed for small devices like tablets, smartphones), groupware and computer supported collaborative learning, digital entertainment for e-learning, usability engineering, distributed software development.

She is very interested in neuro-recommendation which studies the interactions between recommendation stimuli and neuro-responses including sensorimotor, cognitive and affective ones. It sure crosses the research paths with neuro-marketing.

She now serves as the Vice Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for Research Support at WKU. She initiated WKU’s first Research Days in Fall 2014.

She founded and co-organized the first WKU Game Festival: 2013 WKU Game Festival. She also designed the Festival Logo.

For more information on her research, please go to: http://eve.kean.edu/~yatang/

Office: GHKH C229

Email: yatang@kean.edu

Pinata Winoto

Assistant Professor

Educational Background: PhD, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Pinata graduated from University of Saskatchewan in 2007. Since then, he had taught at Hong Kong Baptist University and Konkuk University, before joining Wenzhou Kean University in 2013. His research interests include: multiagent systems, automated negotiation, computational game theory, recommendation system, and edutainment.

Office: GHKH C215

Email: pwinoto@kean.edu

James Yee


Office: GHKH C225

Email: jyee@kean.edu

Sujatha Krishnamoorthy

Assistant Professor

Office: GHKH C231

Email: krishnsu@kean.edu

Yongfu Wang


Office: GHKH C217

Email: wangyon@kean.edu

Omar Dib

Assistant Professor

Office: GHKH C213

Email: odib@kean.edu

Hemn Abdalla

Assistant Professor

Office: GHKH C211

Email: habdalla@kean.edu

Kennedy Ehimwenma


Office: GHKH C219

Email: kehimwen@kean.edu

Muhammad Shoaib


Email: mshoaib@kean.edu

Baha Ihnaini

Assistant Professor

Office: GHKH C205

Email: bihnaini@kean.edu

Nasser Mustafa

Assistant Professor

Office: GHKH C233

Email: namustaf@kean.edu

Bo Wu


Office: GHKH C227

Email: bowu@kean.edu

Belal Abuhaija

Assistant Professor

Office: GHKH C235

Email: babuhaij@kean.edu

Man-Kwun Chiu

Assistant Professor

Office: GHKH C207

Email: mchiu@kean.edu

Rashid Sangi

Assistant Professor

Office: GHKH C203

Email: rsangi@kean.edu

Maryam Cheraghy


Office: GHKH C237

Email: mcheragh@kean.edu

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